About Inez Vermeulen

Inez Vermeulen PhD
HResurrection, HRevup, HR-ROI & Humans Transformation Thoughtleader: Europe & Global

International HR Expert
Stevie Aawards 2021 Woman of the year

Woman of The Year

Stevie Aawards 2021 Woman of the year

Business Thoughtleader-Services

Inez Vermeulen

25 years International HR Expert: European Operations’ Transitioning, Business Restructuring, Organizational Development, Mergers & Acquisition, People Coaching & Transformation


VUCA world HReform & business resurrection expert specializing in building and expanding international businesses across Europe. Optimizing operations, customer centricity, success-agility, resilience & upskilling people, Inez boosts ROI, innovation, reputation & sustainability. Passionate about people’s genius transformation, she coaches mindset & lifestyle changes to enhance finesse, happiness, fitness, kindness, resilience, loyalty, creativity & productivity. All this with her unique blend of genius brain rewiring, empathetic soul re-engineering, yoga, energy healing, spirituality & personal aura/charisma boost.

Advantage Inez

Businesses & leaders now realize that people transformation & HR resurrection are key to thriving in today’s VUCA era where crisis & disruption are sudden and can prove to devastating for the unprepared. As a business re-engineering, people transformation & international expansion expert Inez Vermeulen has mastered all HR nuances for 25 years in varied domains, sectors & continents. From helping startups & small businesses to win their David versus goliath market battles with smart HR initiatives to helping larger organizations leverage advantage Europe with well planned & expertly managed people management Inez is a ROI & reputation focused HR-success allrounder. From labour laws, organizational design/development, payroll-compensation people policies & practices, recruitments, staffing, training + brain neuroplasticity-coaching & delivering outsourced services to win more, Inez is right choice HRevUp consulting partner for many US & EU companies. A global thought leader passionately delivering on her life mission of building genius brain & mindful attitude people she’s transforming big and small organizations inside out. Whether redesigning organizational structures or enhancing people resilience evidence based, neuroscience & metaphysics backed corporate restructuring & people coaching engagements are one of a wow-kind.


Mind-Body-Soul Synergies leveraged for business ROI & Life-success-happiness.

Harnessing the vast HR restructuring & intuitive people transformation coaching expertise, Inez resets people mindsets, resurrects peak performance focused compassionate life approach, boosts intuitiveness, health & energy to attract abundance & nurture peace+prosperity. As a unique HR thrive specialist who promotes human centered leadership pivoting on her continued success as a Mind-Body-Soul Synergies Coach & Business + Life Turnaround Expert Inez blends science, spirituality, ancient cultural wisdom & everyday disruption necessities to help individuals & institutions overcome challenges with practiced ease & professional agility + sustainability best practices.. Her best in class, evidence based deliverable an acclaimed fusion of mental transformation, biomedical & neuroscience breakthroughs. Combined with mystical oriental secrets of resilience & psychic wellbeing. She unlocks limitless mindpower & healing empathy-gratitude. Inez’s HReform & people-miracles attract abundance, build creative-positive mindset, boost energy healing for a spiritually enhanced lifepath.


A global trackrecord of remarkable successes across geographies, business segments, cultures, professional & individual challenges. With a life mission to positively impact multiple small & big business, their leaders & professionals/individuals, Inez is a widely accredited/certified, uniquely endowed & spiritually-empowered business & leaders success coach, business & HR innovation pioneer-leader. She leverages her professional panache, neuroscience+metaphysics knowledge, acquired vedic wisdom, alternate healing expertise spanning yoga, Ayurveda, remedial astrology & energy healing, multi role & multi geographic business experience to help businesses and individuals mitigate challenges in our Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous world. From businesses looking to start, expand, acquire European operations and to inspire people rewiring brain & reenergizing soul, Inez helps clients with a unique fusion of neuroscience, metaphysics, Vedic wisdom, mystic spirituality to overcome challenges with practised ease. She has been practicing brain transformation meditation since her youthful days and has mastered the art of manifesting & helping others also manifest abundance & material wealth through her career and travels across Europe, US, Canada, South-America, Asia and India.


Vast & enriching work diversity and innate life purpose clarity has led Inez to multiple spiritual & practical business life truths. She has succeeded consistently across diverse HR challenges & international business complexities, helping clients win more with less risks & costs. Her best in class service offerings are aligned to latest technologies, best practices, legalities and people issues. She has worked in military, with government agencies, NGOs, corporate, travelled + experienced extensively & learned immensely from an eclectic collection of global thought leaders, diverse clients, acclaimed neuroscientists, academicians,- Indian ascetics, Tibetan monks, leaders, yoga experts and her spiritual Teacher Dr Pillai. Having thrived as a business leader in different global conglomerates delivering multiple business growth successes, she runs a successful International HR consultancy with 200+ delighted global clients over the last 10+ years. A forever seeker of knowledge, she has done a PhD in metaphysics with her thesis on transforming one’s subconscious leadership behavior into seven well-defined conscious leadership practices. During her enriching life & professional success-journey she has been fortunate to partake divine revelations & professional acclaim consistently making her wiser & more determined to share her business + people transformation success-expertise.