About Us

Europe HR Solutions

Genius Culture Mindful SUCCExpertise

EuroHR Solutions is a 12= years old acclaimed International HR consultancy providing a wide array of beast in class services to help boost HR-ROI and transform people assets into Genius peak performers with a mindful attitude. It helps clients win more with:


1. HR consultancy & Operations Advisory

  • Legal transitioning of international operations
  • Organisation design, governance & operations restructuring
  • Growth scaling up – entire organization or a specific division
  • Technological innovation/automation/rationalization – HRMIS, eLearning, remote workforce management
  • Startup setup & scaling up
  • Mergers & Acquisition


2. HR RevCp engagement

  • Operations restructuring, adding divisions/branches & their integration
  • Performance management & Appraisals
  • Onboarding, internal employee celebratory events innovation
  • Retention initiatives
  • Succession planning, budgeting, manpower planning -execution


3. HR services outsourcing

  • Payroll
  • Recruitments
  • Employer branding & employee communications
  • Exit interviews


4. Values based Culture Transformation & Brain Neuroplasticity

  • Values based culture assessment & transformation
  • People’s conscious living-working assessment
  • Executives neuro-coaching: Genius Peak Performers with Mindful Co-working Attitude
  • Leadership VUCA resilience training & transformation


With presence across North America, Europe & Asia we leverage business strategy, HRevUp technology, neuroscience, spirituality and corporate + social transformation expertise. Our highly experienced, scientifically endowed & globally acclaimed team includes corporate leaders, people transformation coaches, biomedical neuroscientists, metaphysicists, ascetics/seers, astrology gurus & multichannel marketing specialists.