Brain Neuroplasticity

Mind Miracles with Mind Mastery & Neuroplasticity for Remarkable Success, Happiness & Good Health

Mind, Body, Soul Synergies

Our Mind is our Life's control switch; our mindset determines 'skills-aptitude' & 'reputation-altitude'. The human world thus pivots on Mind Mastry and our ability to consistently manifest abundance with better wellness, awareness & mental peace is all in our Mind! However, our Mind is the most errant part of our lives as its easily distracted & often spins out of control. It does need superhuman effort to discipline & leverage this very human fragility of our life & lives of our connections! Mind Mastery is an inescapable necessity for you, your dear ones and our world – as our success' finesse-happiness-fitness-kindness-resilience is all in our Minds!


  • Intellect
  • Skills
  • Stamina
  • Passion
  • Pain Response
  • Stress
  • Health
  • Life-outcomes

Muscle &

  • Wisdom
  • Wellness
  • Permeability
  • Empathy
  • Optimism
  • Success
  • Fame
  • Charisma
  • Resilience

Mind &

  • Mindfulness-Kindness
  • Perseverance
  • Mind-Body-Soul Synergies
  • Holistic Fitness
  • Stress Detox
  • Consistent Happiness
  • Life-Work-Social Synergies
  • VUCA Readiness
  • Wow Creativity Positivity
  • Delightful Life-Outcomes

Mind over Matter – Matters!


How we respond, react, recover, rev-up & resurrect all depend on your agile mind's ability to feed your brain's functionalities which in turn controls our bodily functions- externally and internally (bio-chemical changes, bio-medical transformations). Our mind controls our safety, success, happiness, and pain protection – everything we desire & aspire. But we don't have the mind to mind over our mind, as mind-mastery takes days of disciplined-determined-diligence! We can win the battle of mind control and reign in a wayward mind to win life's many battles which define our reputation, happiness, financial finesse, and wellness.

Mindful Mindset Reset with Neuroplasticity & MindMastery : Your Reliable Success Accessory


Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change functions and structures in response to a particular impulse. That is fantastic! Many people think that they can't change their brain, but you can – and keep changing it for the better, lifelong – through neuroplasticity interventions. By giving certain impulses, we make brain's neurons re-arrange themselves in a different way, resulting in different patterns of behaviour & therefore a different outcome. Neuroplasticity driven MindMastery can be learnt from expert coaches to stop being controlled by the day's stresses. Genius empathetic intuitiveness that is less stressed & more success empowered creatively is thus MindMastery's wow outcome, lifelong!

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MindMakeover, MindMastery, RelationshipSolace , Success-Happiness harmony and many more life truths revealed in a simplified step by step process by master coach Inez Vermeulen.

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    Our BRAINeuroplasticity & MindMastery Program > SUCCExceed with MIND MIRACLES!


    Our Genius Brain and Mindful Mind Group & Individual Programs magnify effectiveness of people by making them recognize their innate genius abilities & life changing mind-body-soul synergies.


    • Reprogram brain & life+work attitude to help everyone succeed more with integrity & creativity
    • Better utilize the 'soft skills' necessary to create a fulfilling and productive workplace
    • Find greater satisfaction and meaning in their work
    • Boost mental & physical health with bespoke mind-body-soul synergies' program
    • Resurrecting personal & social brand communications to boost ROI & reputation


    Analyzing inescapable VUCA adaptive people's conscious mindset we transform people into compassionate geniuses with brain reprogramming, mental+physical health revup & corporate+social values resurrection.

    Unlocking Genius Mind Treasures Scientifically + Spiritually & Embedding Mindful Engagement Logic


    An individual is as good as his/her ability to adapt, reform & transform lifelong with superior life-ROI, social impact & genius-upskilling'. Both science & timeless cultures' wisdom prove that genius performance with compassion can be taught & scaled up. After 11+ years of genius upskilling success, Euro HR Solutions' neuroplasticity subsidiary (corporate + people) Brain & Mind Global is on a mission to boost genius expertise with empathy to build role models of crisis-resilient peak performers. Our widely- acclaimed 'Genius Brain & Mindful Mind' engagement transforms people by blending neuroscience, metaphysics, corporate innovation, people intellect+ energy + empathy, and yoga+active meditation+remedial astrology.


    Inez Vermeulen PhD, our genius transformation coach & business thoughtleader empowers people to manifest miracles by:

    • Rewiring, recalibrating & rejuvenating brain at its core molecular levels to replace anxiety, inconsistency with genius intellect, confidence & empathy
    • Combining natural skills/learning, acquired learning & soul-driven wisdom
    • Resurrecting innate performance-confidence, people-compassion & goals-clarity to boost purposeful progress
    • Transforming people into role models with a winning attitude & no anxieties
    • Leveraging mind-body-soul synergies to be more healthy-wealthy-wise' – quickly & consistently

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