Executive Coaching

The Road to Freedom

Towards a successful life

You are an HR Executive feeling overwhelm, stressed out and realize that you are stretching yourself too thin. You are in rat race which does not seem to end and it only is getting worse with the current economical insecurities.


You have tried to relax through physical exercise, maybe even have taken up some anti-stress programs being offered at your workplace. Unfortunately you have given up and are now to the “point of feeling extremely fatigued and out of control.”


The physical gym exercises, mental fitness programs unfortunately are not sufficient to help your state of overwhelm. The challenge is that you are short on simple, clear information on good success habits.


Are you ready for a complete makeover of your current overwhelm, unfulfilling work situation? Are you ready to commit to a transformational journey which will take you to connect with your deepest Self? This journey will teach you how to remove your destructive belief patterns and grow to your highest potentials. In the 3 or 6 months’ tailormade executive coaching programs, you will build the foundation to ground yourself again in your true identity, become more mindful and achieve success in a balanced and meaningful way.


For more than 20 years Inez Vermeulen has helped US organizations to get their business and human resources foundations optimized throughout their affiliates in Europe.


As an ICF certified Coach and Meditation Teacher, she combines the ancient yogic wisdom with the most advanced quantum physics sound technologies to ensure you are receiving a foundation to gradually change your habit patterns towards a successful life.


I invite you to download my free PDF – The Road to Freedom, and contact me for a free introductory coaching session.