HR consultancy for Mid-size Businesses

HR Consultancy for Mid-size business

Partner for mid-size businesses

The primary objective in the third growth stage is the creation of a defensible market position.

Having demonstrated broader market appeal in the previous stage, the company is now in a position to make longer run decisions on many fronts – people, infrastructure, product, geographic expansion, pace of growth, etc.

By this stage the company should have good validation of the market acceptance of its product and value proposition, a good idea of the target market and why they buy, and sufficient experience with a broad enough customer base to make a full scale sales and marketing effort productive. Attaining this goal is all about execution, particularly in sales and operations.

This is the stage where you crank up the sales / marketing effort; you now have enough actual experience to build a sales and marketing “machine”, making the investment in a large scale sales and marketing effort pay off.

With HR-Europe-Solutions you’ll gain the tools you need to handle diverse HR challenges in this growth phase, without adding to your headcount. Best of all, you’ll have the support of a trusted partner who understands your goals and mirrors your commitment to your business, your employees and your bottom line.

Empower managers to conduct performance reviews and to continuously improve business performance
Empower managers to use company policies, procedures and other employment-related information.
Help managers align compensation with performance through talent management tools.
HR-Europe-Solutions are designed to accommodate all mid-sized businesses – not by taking a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather by providing a tailored made support, depending upon your specific needs. Everything you need for workforce management with one HR Business Partner: One call for all your needs. One access point for all tools and services. One partner to coordinate it all.

HR Services overview for Midzised Businesses

(150 or more people throughout Europe):

Payroll Administration*

Improve your business focus by reducing the burden of payroll administration. Europe HR Solutions will manage every aspect — from payroll taxes to garnishments to miscellaneous pay — so you can direct your energy to more important issues.

  • Payroll processing
  • Tax deposits
  • Accounting assistance
  • Garnishment processing
  • Country-specific payroll compliance
  • Employee expense reimbursement
  • Records management


Employee Benefits Plan Management

Attract and retain top talent by providing quality benefits packages. Europe HR Solutions will help you provide various insurance plans, retirement plans and other essential employee benefits.

  • Procurement
  • Design
  • Education
  • Enrolment


Government Compliance

With Europe HR Solutions, you don’t have to face employer liability issues alone. We’ll help you manage your employer obligations more effectively and identify your risks for litigation.

  • Unemployment statutes/claims
  • Country-specific statutes
  • Implementation
  • Country legal entity set up & implementation


Employer Liability Management

Find relief from time-consuming legal paperwork and let us help you manage your risk. We’ll act as your HR administrator, freeing you from tedious duties like handling workers’ compensation issues.

  • Employee handbooks
  • Termination assistance
  • Outplacements
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Employee relations support
  • Return-to-work programs
  • Country statute compliance

Recruiting and Outplacement Support

Hire the right people the first time with our reliable and efficient recruiting processes. Europe HR Solutions team of highly skilled recruiting professionals will work with you to develop the most effective recruiting practices for your company.

  • Job description development
  • Wage and salary surveys
  • Process review
  • Interviewing and selection training
  • Assessment


Performance Management Support

Get the tools to manage your people, help them set goals and evaluate their performance. Your performance specialist will help you with the following essential employee performance resources.

  • Performance appraisals
  • Rewards programs
  • Recognition programs
  • Compensation plans
  • Incentive plans
  • Climate surveys
  • Competency definition
  • Organizational development


Training and Development

Develop your employees through our leadership coaching programs

  • Leadership development programs
  • Leadership consulting


Culture Building

Create and foster a positive working environment with our tailored, strategic recommendations for your organization. The heightened emotional connection your employees will feel toward your company will directly impact productivity, efficiency and morale.

  • Team building
  • Vision
  • Values
  • Mission
  • Climate surveying