Human Resource outsourcing Service

HR outsourcing Service

Outsource your human resources

Do you lack the time and expertise to deal with some or all of your international human resources challenges?

If you do, then outsourcing your human resources can be the right move for your company. Europe HR Solutions can help you by taking care of all of your HR requirements that allows you to concentrate on growing your company’s profitability and productivity.


Here are some of the HR services that we can help you with:


  • Set up of local Payroll with local country partners
  • HR Help Desk via email
  • Certain Amount Of Days On Site Per Month
  • Set up of Benefits schemes & administration with local country partners
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Personnel Administration
  • Screening & Assessment of candidates
  • Employment Contracts
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Improve business performance

Case study of Outsourced Europe – HR outsourcing Solution

Mindframe Incorporation - US based Medical devices company

The Brief:
The client wanted to outsource full responsibility for the HR function at an operational level, to an external consultancy firm. The aim was to access the highest quality HR advice and support, without incurring salary and ongoing costs of an employee.


Our service and solution:
Inez Vermeulen has taken operational responsibility for the running of the HR function within the client organization. This has involved preparing and issuing contracts of employment and dealing with all other legal issues related to employment; leading on recruitment and selection of staff; developing new HR systems as the business has developed (e.g. job descriptions and a performance management system); setting up local payroll services, benefits schemes & administration for France, Germany, UK.


The Outcome:
All legal & benefit requirements of employment are complied with and a framework is in place to protect the employer whilst dealing fairly with employees. The time spent away from core business by Directors and senior managers, dealing with HR related issues are now minimized. The overall cost of the HR function, operating at this level, is reduced.