Organizational Design, Strategy & Culture Transformation

SUCCExceed more
with Culture & People Transformation

RevUp Values based Culture Progress with Human Centered Organization transformation

Tough VUCA Challenges overcome With Genius Abilities & Mindful Leadership


People’s collective intellect, empathy & creativity is our vital corporate wealth that’s inexhaustible yet fragile. We need to leverage a human centered approach with values based conscious culture of peak performance, competence-passion, compassion, crisis agility and innovation.

Human Centered Thrive Paradigm Shift – Genius Brain & Mindful Attitude


Unleashing treasures of genius brain, empathy & values based culture with people’s inner re-engineering (mind-body-soul synergies) is the right way forward. Post an organizational culture & mindset assessment people need to be transformed into compassionate geniuses. This is achieved with bespoke brain reprogramming, energy healing, mental + physical health revup and corporate + social values alignment.

‘SUCCExceed’ – values based cultural transformation programme wins more with:


i) Exhaustive organizational culture & people attitudes’ assessment

ii) In-depth ‘thrive-advisory’ for corporate, people transformation & sustainability

iii) Coaching to boost thrive ‘mentality-vitality’, empathy & eliminate anxieties


With 150+ delighted clients over 11+ years, Europe HR Solutions people ‘thrive-more, live-work-relate better’ programme is your Success Necessity.

Embedding better values with culture of peak-productivity, loyalty & empathy

Inescapable VUCA World Situation Genius Ability + Mindful Attitude Coached Response
Unpredictability Resilience with competence & kindness
Uncertainty Perseverance with creativity & integrity
Anxiety/Trauma/Grief Inner & physical strength with spirituality
Competition & Disruption Innovation & conscious-values based collaboration
Stress & Health Physical exercises, yoga, dietary discipline
Technology Innovation & Globalism Consistent upskilling & global cultures + trends awareness
Conscience & patience Bridging silos, enhancing compassionate optimism
Corruption & Ethics Courageous Conscience & unbreakable honesty

Reform & transform to revup inspirational success, happiness & kindness

Using acclaimed Richard Barret’s Values based cultural assessment we use strengths, gaps in culture to build peak performance mindset aligned to a conscious culture. This boosts employee engagement & shared ownership of a resilient thrive mindset by


  1. Creating a framework for a cohesive & values driven human centered performant culture.
  2. Boosting reprogrammed ‘brain wealth’ to leverage loyalty, empathy, creativity & growth mindset
  3. Enhancing collaboration & innovation synergies of diversity, equity and inclusion.
  4. Reprograming mind-body-soul connectivity to boost everyone’s fitness, finesse, happiness & kindness
  5. Enhancing employee communication & employer branding – internally & externally.

Culture & People Transformation
SUCCExceed program details

Program details

Phase 1: Program “VALUABILITY”


  • Design and Conduct a Corporate Culture Assessment along with people’s conscious mindset assessment
  • Share results & start dialogue
  • Explore key values & behaviours
  • Create Cultural Development Plan

Phase 2: Program “HUMANISM”


Strategic HR advisory:

  • Discussion of overall results and facilitation of action planning
  • Human centered HReset plan presentation
  • Cultural Development Roadmap: actionable plans, and integration in KPI’s/SMART-objectives
  • Diversity , creativity, equity & inclusion strategy & implementation plan next steps

Phase 3: Program “MINDEVELOP”


Our Genius Brain and Mindful Mind Group & Individual Programs magnify effectiveness of people by making them recognize their innate genius abilities & life changing mind-body-soul synergies.

  • Reprogram brain & life+work attitude to help everyone succeed more with integrity & creativity
  • Better utilize the “soft skills” necessary to create a fulfilling and productive workplace
  • Find greater satisfaction and meaning in their work
  • Boost mental & physical health with bespoke mind-body-soul synergies’ program
  • Resurrecting employees’ & external brand communications to boost ROI & reputation

EuroHR’s culture transformation & people’s
senergies division

RevUp Peak performance ROI, Reputation & Sustainability – Extrinsically & Intrinsically
Building Values Driven Genius Organization Scientifically & Mindfulness Holistically


For organizations to thrive with superior mental & physical health a neuroscience backed leadership & teams’ upskilling is needed. This delivers sustainable growth with superior social impact by transforming how people think, relate, interact, innovate & contribute. With 11+ years of genius upskilling success, Brain & Mind Global is boosting enterprise wide expertise with empathy to build role models of crisis-resilient, empathetic peak performers. Our “Genius Aptitude & Mindful Attitude’ program transforms institutions by combining neuro-reprogramming & corporate restructuring with bespoke yoga, scientific meditation & remedial energy healing. Inez Vermeulen, our genius transformation coach + CEO helps everyone manifest abundance by:


  • Recalibrating values-based cultures & rejuvenating people’s minds at core molecular levels to replace anxiety, inconsistency with genius intellect, confidence & empathy
  • Combining natural skills/learning, acquired learning & soul-driven intellect
  • Resurrecting innate performance-confidence, people-compassion & goals-clarity
  • Building executive-role models who win more with greater confidence & minimal anxiety
  • Boosting mind-body-soul synergies to make people healthy-wealthy-wise’


With presence across North America, Europe & Asia we leverage business strategy, HRevUp technology, neuroscience, spirituality and corporate + social transformation expertise. Our highly experienced, scientifically endowed & globally acclaimed team includes corporate leaders, people transformation coaches, biomedical neuroscientists, metaphysicists, ascetics/seers, astrology gurus & multichannel marketing specialists.

Organizational Design, Strategy & Culture Transformation

Development and restructuring

We specialize in developing new organization designs for “start ups” as well as restructuring current designs for existing businesses.

We can work with you to formulate your strategy and/or organization design. The strategy and structure of your organization forms the foundation from which you can grow and develop as a business. However, too many organizations are held back with red tape and politics due to complicated structures which in turn does not allow the company to innovate, grow and become the place to work.


Europe-HR-Solutions believe in making things simple for you.

We will work with you to formulate the best-fit design for your organization that is based around “The Star Model” above. Your “Best-fit” design will depend on what you want to achieve and your current ways of working to include your strategy, structure, rewards, processes and people.

We can work with you to deliver:


  • Best-fit organisation design options
  • Best-fit department design options
  • The re-design of business-unit structures, major functions and business teams
  • Assessments on how effective your current organisation structure is
  • Company and HR strategy design
  • Identify the impacts of re-design on processes, procedures and policies
  • Identify the impacts on measurements, rewards, clarity, culture and leadership
  • An effective Change Plan for migration and/or implementation activities
  • Communication strategies to manage the process to:
    • Overcome resistance from staff
    • Get key stakeholder buy-in
    • Educate those affected by the change
    • Deliver the key messages as to the reasons behind the design/change and what it means on a macro and micro level.

If at this stage you would like to make a no-obligation enquiry about your requirements, please contact us using any of the following contact options below. Alternatively please read on to find out more about our approach.

The Europe Hr Solutions Approach To Organization Design


Our approach is completely consultative and we will involve your management and employees throughput the design process. We appreciate that every company is different and hence every solution is different as well. Coming up with the best-fit organization design for your company is a bit like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. Once you get to know the technique and strategy of how to put one together you can apply it to any jigsaw. The same goes with formulating an organization design. We have extensive experience in this field and our approach will ensure that there are no missing pieces at the end!

This process starts with some preliminary questions designed to get to know your company, you objectives and the possible barriers that may be put in the way!


For example, to kick things off we will need to know:

  • What is your business strategy?
  • What are you looking to achieve through organization design?
  • How will you know when you have succeeded?
  • What key-stakeholders do you need to satisfy?
  • What problems, barriers are there?