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International Recruitment, Selection, Retention

Recruiting and selecting the right person for the job

We offer an international search process and an in depth interview & assessment process for a very competitive price structure. Recruiting and selecting the right person for the job is such a vital activity.

The whole process of (international) recruitment can be very time consuming, expensive and can also bring with it many dangers especially with the local employment legislations – you have to be very careful!

The costs of getting it wrong can be very expensive indeed! If you think that the costs associated with recruiting the wrong person are bad enough, the costs can be even higher for you both in monetary terms if you do not comply with local labor law legislations.

We can put your mind at rest by getting the best person for the job and at the same time make sure that you do everything by the book from a legal perspective.

We can help you with your one-off appointments or major recruitment drives by completing the whole process or a part of the process like writing a particular job description or selection criteria – no job is too big or small.

Our recruiting services:

  • Identifying the requirements and need for the role
  • Benchmarking salaries
  • Recommending most appropriate recruiters
  • Candidate screening
  • Candidate profiling
  • Long listing applicants
  • Short-listing applicants
  • Psychometric assessments
  • Interviewing
  • Gathering references

  • Design offer letter and contract of employment
  • Job analysis
  • Application and CV screening
  • Interviewing and interviewer training
  • Recruitment assessment
  • Leadership potential and motivation interviewing
  • 360 Design and Feedback
  • Development Planning
  • Executive “Top Team” Development & Coaching
  • Succession Planning

Case Study:Recruitment of a VP Global Sales & Marketing

Recruitment and Selection – Medical Devices

The Brief:
Following a strategic HR review of the business (carried out by this consultant) the organization wished to appoint its VP Global Sales & Marketing. Our consultant was tasked with taking this from the Board decision, through to appointment.


The Solution:
Our consultant drew up a job description for the position of VP Global Sales & Marketing, which she agreed with the Chairman. She sourced advertising opportunities appropriate to the seniority and sector for the position and conducted the initial paper sift, in order to divert time consuming responsibilities from the Directors. She presented her initial short list to the Chairman and then circulated the list for consultation with all other Board members.

Following the short and invitation to interview, our consultant led on the selection event, advertising on the appropriate assessment methods (i.e. presentation and structured interview), as well as advising on the interview questions.Our consultant led on the de-brief discussion in making the final selection decision and informed all candidates.

Subsequently, she drew up the Service Contract for the appointment of the Chief Executive and holds the records of appointment for confidentiality.


The Outcome:
The candidate selected by the panel was appointed and accepted the position. The individual has been a significant success and seen the company grow considerably since appointment. Board members were fully involved in the process, but were not given time consuming and onerous tasks – but rather asked to comment on existing proposals.


In Summary
Whatever your recruitment needs are, we can help you.

We can help you to recruit the one-off appointments that you find difficult to fulfill through to major companywide recruitment campaigns where 100 staff are required. We can help you with designing and implementing assessment tests through to conducting your interviews and designing your job specifications.