Social Reform

Head to Heart Resurrection:
Boosting ROIE – Return on Inspired Empathy

Inez's lifelong mission

Inez’s journey of stupendous business success and inspirational coaching breakthroughs have been possible because deep down she is a soulful social reformer & compassionate people resurrection campaigner. Blessed with a higher consciousness, Inez harnesses spirituality, business acumen, vast network of leaders & social evangelists to create and sustain social reformation and people transformation programs. These soulfully delivered projects heal hundreds of distressed souls around the world, and in this manner revitalizes the lives of many executives she involves in her social upliftment projects. Having been blessed with divine intuition to spread cheer amongst the elderly as their blessings do greatly protect us and even accelerate our success, Inez has created programs that make children compassionately care for abandoned elderly people who’ve lost families & hope. Bringing sunshine in people’s lives, by being the source of righteous wisdom & spiritual awakening amongst many souls -children, adults & elderly is a Inez’s lifelong mission.


Blending spirituality, technology,
global team collaboration synergies & community empathy


Inez has a unique approach towards social reformation and people emancipation as she not only creates & supports unique people healing & upliftment projects, but also earnestly prays for their continued success. This blended spiritual-professional-personal affection + passion + compassion approach has created many remarkable breakthroughs. Inspired by her commitment and unique approach, her social reform project teams are consistently blessed with divinely delivered good fortune. For over 11 years, Inez’s social emancipation projects have transcended geographies, people sensitivities, online engagement & training technology chasms and even government policies of different nations to create a rare fusion of satisfying success, boundaryless joy and heartening acclaim. Its this collective happiness-kindness in the lives of her team and distressed souls whom she uplifts, that drives her to consistently scale up her social reformation outreach initiatives. As an acclaimed brain neuroplasticity coach and breakthrough HR transformation leader, Inez understands the criticality of social resurrection projects as way of mitigating pain and distress brought upon VUCA world’s uncertainties & tragedies. Her simple approach of giving joy to receive joy & abundance to minimize ongoing distress & grief continues to win over many challenged folks from different walks of life.


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Inez Social Resurrection Work Span:
Children, Elderly, Distressed Professionals


Children– Nothing makes Inez more happy than seeing the future of society (children) benefit from manifesting the latest advances in neurosciences & meditative approaches to transform them. Inez is donating her personal time, professional expertise and monies to a global school children’s education transformation organization, Tripura Foundation which is a life’s labour of Dr Bhaskaran Pillai – who’s a unique confluence of neuroscience, metaphysics, biochemistry, spirituality, vedic wisdom, astrology, yoga & energy healing. Leveraging pathbreaking research by top scientists in the world and drawing upon centuries old wisdom of brain reprogramming and soul re-engineering Tripura Foundation is lightening up the lives of students from impoverished homes making them brilliant students & very empathetic souls with the right life attitude to help them succeed with compassion and passion righteously channelized. With stupendous success spanning 11 years across India, USA & Mexico, Tripura Foundation’s breakthroughs with consistent support of Inez, is replacing poverty distress with academic brilliance, greater self-confidence, never before ability to transform lives of their families and be a shining role model to other struggling children.


Elderly– Inez has had divine intelligence bestowed upon her to realize that caring for distressed elderly is a wonderful way to attract divine abundance and fill our hearts with abundant joys. Caring for saddened, abandoned elderly in different parts of the world through her Hope Foundation is a lifelong mission. By involving meditatively transformed children of Tripura Foundation she’s bringing two fragile sections together to give strength and affection to each other. While the children learn the importance of empathy, how to care for the fragile & diseased and respect for elders; the elderly gain a new lease of life replacing despair with joy and affection by caring & loving the children attached to them. Through stellar work by Hope Center’s volunteers, Inez is embedding soulful caring attitude along with intellectual brilliance in children thereby enhancing righteous success potential in our society globally. Inez is striving to spread the enlightenment she’s received that our ancestors who are above in heaven do care about our heavenly social compassion deeds and bless our activities with miracles when we need them most. She’s thus making social compassion a pragmatic necessity for both children & adults thereby making more people enlightened and spiritually compassionate.


Professionals – Living & surviving in distressed, disruptive VUCA era is increasingly becoming more stressful & painful. From toxic relationships, mental health issues, growing physical ailments, many professionals are borderline burnout victims. Inez is passionate about boosting our world’s business revenues by transforming, suffering, surviving professionals into truly thriving genius, happy & compassionate professionals. Through her genius brain & mindful living coaching sessions, Inez heals broken souls, reconfigures damaged psyche into wizened- – empathetic humans and more heathy humans through her energy healing & yoga interventions. Rebooting attitudes, rewiring brains, reprogramming souls, revitalizing bodies and resurrecting relationships with self, people & surroundings Inez is passionately institutionalizing better ways to thrive that spread joy far wider than your immediate self. By enlightening people on spiritually righteous ways to being more empathetic and unlocking genius brain abilities, Inez is eradicating distress and spreading genius intellect radiance with superior social empathy, inner re-engineering, spiritual awakening and inter culture bonding-harmony.


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